Saturday, 25 March 2017

Philippines: The Team Has Arrived!

After a long journey, starting in Toronto, the seven members of team Philippines have arrived safely, luggage and all. We were excited to meet Jess from SCAW Philippines who was there to greet us.  As you can see we do not look too worse for wear after travelling for over 24 hours and experiencing a 12 hour time change.  Tomorrow will be a day of rest and recuperation to prepare for Monday, a day of factory visits, meeting with our overseas partners (SCAW Philippines), followed by our first distribution, Monday afternoon.  Be sure to follow our blog.  Lots more to come.

Team Philippines left to right:  Jan Gayman, Jim Miller, Kathy Westbrook,
 Cathy Bury, Elaine Higgins, Pat Toner, Beth Poad (team leader)

Team Philippines 2017
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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Bangladesh: Our Final Day - in Dhaka!

This very unique distribution came to its highly successful conclusion with a final 250 bedkits delivered to the children of Dhaka.

Everyone involved thanks the 6,000 children of Bangladesh for waiting so patiently for their bedkits. Their smiles of delight show that the wait was well worth it.

These smiles were only matched by those of the dedicated members of the Rotary Club of Dhaka together with their volunteers who were on hand to see this distribution completed and witness the children’s happiness.

Sleeping Kits distribution at Kaliganj Karim Uddin Public Pilot High School.
Photo credit The Principal of the School Mr. Khurshiduzzaman Ahmed.

Many thanks to Mr. Khurshiduzzaman Ahmed for bringing these images to all in the SCAW family in Canada.

Bedkits distribution at T&T Ideal Girls High School at Mohakhali, Dhaka, on the last day of sleeping bekit distribution. Total bedkit distribution in Bangladesh was 6,000. Sleeping Children Around the World thanks our donors for making the children smile. Children came early morning in queues to receive the bedkits. It was a day for them of fun and excitement.

Our thanks to Masud Alam for these closing words and for his photos capturing the last day’s joy and delight.

Signing off for Team Bangladesh 2017,
Chris Hills,
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Friday, 10 March 2017

Bangladesh: Mathpur

The penultimate distribution was held today in Mathpur; with 350 bedkits it was quite a slow-down from the 1350 delivered yesterday.

These words from the Rotary Club of Dhaka
Day 8: 350 bedkit distribution at Madhpur Gulnahar Charitable children hospital Pabna. Children came from nearby areas. It was a day for joy and happiness for the kids

Tomorrow the team will travel on to their final destination where the last 250 Bangladeshi children will receive their bedkit gifts from Sleeping Children’s donors. The Rotary Club of Dhaka working with countless volunteers, have enriched the lives of 6,000 children with their warmth and generosity.  

Chris Hills; Team Leader for 
Team Bangladesh 2017
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Kenya: That's A Wrap!!

The idiom "a picture is worth a thousand words" couldn't be more true than here in Kenya on SCAW trip 2017. 

As we traveled from school to school, home to factory and through the streets of Nairobi slums, the picture became clear- the need here is great.

Over the last 10 days our SCAW Team delivered 4000 bed kits! Sweaters,mosquito nets, blankets, towels and comfy mattresses so 4000 Kenyan children can sleep at night and thrive the next day at school.

Thanks to all the generous donors, we have most definitely helped create a more hopeful and brighter future for thousands of children in Kenya❤️

Team Kenya 2017
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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Bangladesh: Kashintapur

1350 bedkits handed out to 1350 delighted Bangladeshi children all in one day!

The Rotary Club of Dhaka travelled east from Pabna (Rowly’s home town) towards the Brahmaputra River to the town of Kashintapur.

There were local elections underway which caused some concerns with travel for some of the children who had been selected to receive a bedkit. Rather than disappoint any children the Rotary team made the decision to postpone the first day and put two days worth of bedkits into one day’s distribution.

The grounds of the Abdul Latif High School had been chosen for this massive 1350 bedkit distribution.  Luckily ten unexpected volunteers arrived at the last minute to help with the workload!

The Rotary Team, assisted by willing volunteers, spent seven hours straight in scorching temperatures, well over 30 degrees, to make sure the 1350 children received their bedkits. A wonderful demonstartion of dedication and commitment. Thank you!

The school Principal help end this successful day on a high note when he invited all the volunteers to supper. What a great gesture!

Team Bangladesh 2017
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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Bangladesh: Kaligong

Still in the Lalmonirhat District, Rotary Club of Dakha travelled to the town of Kaligong (Kaliganj) for the sixth distribution day. This is again a mainly agricultural region with paddy (rice), wheat, tobacco, jute, potato, and ginger being the major crops.

The distribution was held in the Karimuddin Primary & High School, named after a freedom fighter named Alhaj  Karim Uddin Ahmed who was extremely dedicated to his country. 

The SKD kindly provided this commentary on the distribution:
Day 6 total distribution at Kaliganj 670 at Karimuddin primary and high school. The school was built in 1865. It is in a small village but students come regularly to attend the classes and happy to see few of the student to attended some international competition and secured prizes. Children were well disciplined and came in queues and after the handing over the bedkids some were very courteous and says thank you. It is 1 hour 25 mints drive from Lalmonirhat. We have completed 4050 bedkits and we are now start for Pabna and will distribute 1700 bedkits and rest 250 will distribute at Dhaka.

There were volunteers from the local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts lending a helping hand.

Team Bangladesh 2017
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Kenya: One Good Night Sleep at a Time!

Amazing teamwork today! A combined effort from the SCAW team,Rotary Club, school administration and teachers made for a smooth, well organized distribution of 600 bed kits!

As the van pulled up to the school gate - we were greeted by an impressive turnout from the local Rotary and community.  
Very encouraging start😀

Once the last child  received his bed kit- the SCAW team was treated to a delicious lunch of homemade Kenyan favorites - prepared by the teachers and parents.

Alongside lunch came some  emotional words from the primary school staff- reinforcing what we know to be true ,and what becomes clearer everyday- SCAW is helping create brighter futures for children all over the planet -one good night sleep at a time❤️

Team Kenya 2017
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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Kenya: Gratitude

600 Kenyan children will hopefully sleep more soundly tonight after our SCAW team's efforts at another Nairobi elementary school today! 

After a morning of helping make kids smile -  we were lucky enough  to be invited into the homes of families who had already received bedkits through SCAW; including single mother, Mary and son John and a second ,extended family with grandmother and grandfather at the helm of a modest one bedroom dwelling.

Everyone we met expressed such gratitude - amazed by Canadian kindness and thankful for their life- changing bedkits. So meaningful to meet our bedkit families and experience SCAW's impact on such a profound and personal level.

Team Kenya 2017
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Bangladesh: Pathgram

Today 670 more bedkits were given to excited Bangladeshi children in the town of Pathgram, making the grand total of 3,380 bedkits generously donated by Sleeping Children’s supporters, and handed to the children by the dedicated Overseas Volunteer Partners from the Rotary Club of Dhaka and their many helpers. There are often as many as thirty volunteers at these sites.

Chris Hills working via SKYPE with Rotary of Dhaka.
The commentary below is courtesy of the members of SKD:
Day 5: 670 bedkits distribution at Patgram a two hours drive from Lalmonirhat town. It's a half an hour from the border of India. Both the countries are divided by a barb-wire fence. The social economic condition is very poor. The school children were lined up in a disciplined way and the children change into their new dress and waiting eagerly for the bedkits. During the war of liberation this area was all along liberated and Pakistani forces never dare to come to Pathgram. Sector 6 was fighting along the area on the 6th of December 1971 Lalmonirhat was freed. Pakistan Army surrendered to the allied forces and a new country came in to being.

I am grateful for the daily briefing from the core members of the Rotary Club of Dhaka. Their connection through Skype has come through crystal clear, and we’ve exchanged thoughts and ideas about the day’s events. My thanks to you all! 

Team Bangladesh 2017
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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Bangladesh: Lalmonirhat

This fourth day of the Bangladesh SCAW distribution found the SKD team in Lalmonirhat (with the Dharla and Tista Rivers forming its boundaries), in the town of Audimari, where the site was located in the local sports arena, where under sunny skies, SKD again brought happiness to 670 local children.

Lalmonirhat is notable for its folk culture including rhymes, riddle, proverbs, Meyeligeet (song sung by women), Mantra, folk song, Palligeeti, Baul song, etc.

Masud of Rotary Dhaka sent this history of the area:

Day 4. 670 bedkits distribution at Auditmari, Lalmonirhat. Lalmonirhat is located northern borderline of Bangladesh. The previous name of the region was " Kamrup Kingdom." There were many myths about naming the region. Some historians believe that in the 19th century Bangladesh when Duras rail line was constructed, workers found red stone mining in the land of the area. Then it was named Lalmoni and later Lalmonirhat.

Some historians think that a farmer's leader along with Nualdin fought against the British soldiers and sacrificed their lives to establish the rights of the farmers in 1783. Then the region was named after her. With the passing of time Hat included with Lalmoni. During the war of liberation sector headquarters of the sector 6 was located here at Burimari, Lalmonirhat.

Team Bangladesh 2017
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